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Please note that our next reunion will be over the weekend of September 16th, 2000 i.e., providing there are no Y2K problems. The 2000 reunion, for obvious reasons, will be exciting as we ISSCS alums welcome in a new century and a new millineum. The 1999 reunion was a huge success. We had the largest attendance ever with 210 'Homer's' and friends making it home. I would say we pushed the fire code restrictions at the Elks Club to it's limits. Our special guest speaker, Dr. Richard Mckenzie was exciting, thought provoking, and literally a smashing success at our reunion. I want to personally thank everyone who helped bring Dr. McKenzie to our gathering. I couldn't have done it without you. Dr. Mckenzie sold over 50 copies of his book (I was hoping he would sell a hundred). According to Richard, we sold more copies than he thought we would. I guess we can consider that a success too. Anyone, who didn't get the chance to purchase his book and still wishing to buy one may contact him at his address listed on page three of this website. The cost of the book, I believe, is $15 plus shipping.

This page has been developed for the all former residents of the Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Home (ISSCS) of Normal, Illinois. It is also here to inform anyone who is interested about the ISSCS Historical Preservation Society, and the rich history of this once wonderful place. ISSCS was in existence for 112 years before it closed it doors forever in 1979. Prior to the closing of ISSCS many children passed through and out it's doors into the mainstream population to lead full and productive lives as contributing partners in this society.

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