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These are just a few of the pictures I have been able to save from my days at ISSCS. Pictures starting at top left are of Chuck Patrick (upper left) and Jerry Sons (lower Right) they were both out at the home in the 1950's.

Section two is of our Junior Legion baseball team. I am in there can you guess where? We played pretty good baseball and were in the playoffs my senior year.

Section three is of Harry Allen, cottage parent for Lawton Cottage. In the picture start from left to right are Jesse Herring, Fred Cox, Harry, Joe Cox, Ron Porter, and myself.

Section 4 is of me and my Dad at St. Vincent's Orphanage in Freeport, Il. Notice the wrought iron fence (keeping us in or keeping them out?) in the background. I was in there twice, once when I was very young (in the baby fold) and the second time was from 1948 to 1951.

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