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The pictures above are of William (Bill) Filson, Recreation Supervisor and Assistant Superintendent, Harland DeLuge and Ira (last I can't remember)who were proctors at ISSCS; and David and Yvonne Willan Borklund. Yvonne is President of ISSCSCHPS, forner alumni of ISSCS, and a good friend of mine. Bill was an enormous presence and a very large force on the grounds of ISSCS. He was beyond compare when it came to understanding kids needs and providing for their growth as human beings. He basically arranged everything from going to Cubs games in Chicago, holding baseball camps, organizing our activities from top to bottom, and brining famous athletes to speak at our athletic banquets. For example, he brought in two former Olympic athletes to speak to our football banquets, one was Jesse Owens, and another was an Olympic High Jumper from the University of Illinois. On another occassion he brought in Bob Lemon, former big league pitcher with the NY Yankees, and the Cleveland Indians. Bob Lemaon was Babe Ruths roommate while he was with the Yankees. He hired Jack Hornberger, the great Illinois Wesleyan coach, to coach our 6:00 O'clock league baseball team. The list goes on and are too numberable to list.

To say the least, was an amazing man and greatly influenced my life. Bill was a Big Ten Referee in Footbal and refereed the Rosebowl game on several occassions. He also umpired the Little League World Series Games several times. Mr. Filson in my opinion belongs in the Hall of Fame of ISSCS Employees. When he left in the late 50's to become the Superintendent of the Masonic Home for Children in LaGrange, Il, his absence was felt like a thunderbolt. Bill passed away several years ago and he is sorrily missed by all who knew him.

Harland DeLuge and Ira were proctors at ISSCS. Proctors received room and board for their services as recreation assistants supervising activities for all the kids at ISSCS. Some of the activities were bike riding, swimming, Gym, and Co-ED rec. Ira was a student at ISNU now ISU and Harland was a student at Illinois Wesleyan. Harland was a baseball pitcher for Wesleyan and his home town was Washington, IL. Harland was famous for his date of birth. His birthday is on February 29th. Having a birthday every four years is not to bad. So at this point in our lives Harland is younger than I am and most other HOMERS of that ERA. Go figure.

Yvonne was the prettiest and most popular girl at ISSCS during the early 50's. Yvonne had the distinction of graduating from U-HIGH in three years. Most of us in the village wished that she hadn't left so soon. Yvonne went on to become head of Human Resources at Illinois Wesleyan and retired from their in December of 2004. During that period of time, since around 1997, Yvonne became president of the ISSCS Historical Society and has done a remarkable job in leading that group. Her husband David is retired a retired plumber. However, David is a kind of one man dictionary and is extremely well read and can speak on any subject with authority. He is a remarkable person within his own right. David and Yvonne are now living in Florida enjoying fun in the sun. Sign My Guestbook Guestbook by GuestWorld View My Guestbook

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