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This is my senior picture 1959-1960.

A surprise visit from my Mother on the grounds of ISSCS by the circle. It was the 1st such visit from my mother in 5 years. The other women is my Aunt Mary my mother's sister. 1956

This is a picture of my buddy, Mel Hunter, on the right. Mel has been begging me to put a better picture of his ugly mug on the net for months now. So here it is, Mel Boy. The other fella on the left is the good Reverend Bill Cass. All kidding aside, if it wasn't for Mel, Richard McKenzie, author of the book 'The Home', would not be known to us. As you know, Richard will be our guess speaker at our 1999 reunion. Thanks Mel

Hey ISSCS Alumns meet Richard McKenzie our guest speaker at this years (1999) reunion. Richard will also be at Barnes & Nobles Bookstore for a book signing at 7:30 P.M. on Friday September 10th. Be there or be square. Besides publishing his memoirs, 'The Home', Richard has also published numerous other books, including some 1999 publications. The book which Richard is holding, of which he is the editor, is titled 'Rethinking Orphanages for the 21st Century'. This book evolved from a conference about the social responsibility for the caring of today's castaway children. The 1997 meeting was held in Washington, DC.

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