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Some of my buddies at the ISSCS 1996 reunion. Harry (EARS) Menton (center), Bill(the Muncher)Merchant (right), Bernie (Sal the Barber) Latta (left), and Gene Farmer (front). I just might mention that Gene Farmer left the home and had a variety of succesful lives as a singer (Limmerick) and a Hollywood TV Comedy writer. Some of Genos shows were Chico and the Man, Thats My Mama, Sanford and Son, and Real People, just to mention a few.
One of Geno's good ISSCS friends is Tommy O'Connell, a retired secret service agent for the US Government. I would say that many of the ISSCS Alums lived a charmed life especially when it came to successful livelihoods.

The above picture was taken at the 96 reunion. On the left is Tommy Oconnel, who I believe is related to Bernie Latta. Tommy was an extremely successful person and probably Gene Farmer's best friend. Tommy retired from the United States Secret Service and is mentioned in several books from former SS agents. That is an incredible success for a former alumni of ISSCS. Tommy you have my greatest respect for you accomplishments. On my right is my very special friend for over 40 years. Jil played a very signifcant role in my life and started me on my way to a new life and a college education. I can never thank her enough. There are times when I seem ungrateful but I could not have accomplished a thing without her urging me on to bigger things. From the bottom of my heart Jil thank you for being there for me.

That's me trying on Gene Farmers jacket, which is 3 sizes to small. The jacket is from his days as a comedy writer for Real People.

Oh, to be young again. Do you recognize anybody in this picture?

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