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This picture was taken when I was four years old and living with my mother in Brooklyn, New York on Carroll Street. My life at the time was very tenative as I was in between living with my mother, foster care, my father, and future orphanages. Carroll was a very rough neighborhood in Brooklyn at that time. Shortly after this picture was taken I was placed in the care of foster home. The foster mother was a wonderful person and when I left she gave me a decorated hankerchief and began to cry when I departed from her. I didn't understand at the time but because I was so young. Going back to my mother was everything I wanted as a four year old. However, I have never forgotten this wonderful lady. How I wish I could tell her what she means to me now.

Me and Angelo in Brooklyn New York, I don't I was quite 4 years of age in this picture.

This is a picture of my brother Angelo and myself. This photograph was of better times when he and I were together. Ange was 5 years older than me and we both lived together in orpanages until he graduated from grade school at St. Vincents Orphanage, in Freeport, IL. From that time on, I was alone without my big brother. He suffered greatly in the coming years and our closeness as brothers disintegrated. For me, it is a loss that I have a lot difficulty accepting. Angelo died suddenly on his birthday at the age of 66. He left me and this world without any closure to our lives. BR>

One of my favorite classes at UHIGH. Check out all the Homers in the back row.

The caption of this picture states that UHIGH seniors were visiting the courthouse in Bloomington. The truth is we all just got released from the County Jail for disturbing the peace. Jon Cummings and Pat Brophy wanted to celebrate senior skip day 3 months early.

This picture was taken during the election of class officers. I am living proof that I knew nothing of politics. I was in skits for both parties and had a load of fun. To this day I have remained politically neutral. Go figure.

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